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We offer adults in Northern California and Northwestern Nevada the opportunity to participate in a lifelong fitness and/or competitive swimming program.

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Pacific Masters Update October 29

The October 29 edition of the Pacific Masters update contains information about the following:

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2018 Annual Celebration and Meeting

NathanAs a 503(c)(3) non-profit, Pacific Masters by-laws require that an annual meeting open to all members be held.  For years, the annual meeting was just another monthly get-together of the board and committee chairs for approving the budget and a few other mandatory business items. In 2012, the decision to turn this meeting into a celebration of all things Pacific Masters gave rise to the extraordinary gathering that took place at St Mary’s College last week.

The Annual Celebration and Meeting is a full day of activities in which we enjoy our swimming community, commemorate the prior year, and recognize all the things we love about our sport. The ambitious program began with morning workouts.

How It All Works: Notes on the 2018 USMS Annual Meeting from a Newbie Delegate

Lots of meetings in a labyrinthine conference center. Darting out to forage for food at odd intervals. An enormous blue bridge at sunset. Badges. Bags. Awards. Old friends and new colleagues. The finer points of parliamentary procedure. A remarkable election. Above all, love for the sport.

The 2018 USMS Convention

USMS Officers

For about a week each September, you might find a few of your teammates missing. Chances are that they are delegates to the annual United States Masters Swimming convention. Over four days, representatives from throughout the country come together to do the organization’s business. Since its inception, the convention has been critical to the continuing viability of USMS. It is here that the heavy lifting of guiding USMS takes place.

2017 Swimmers of the Year

At last spring's Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championships we recognized 2017's outstanding Pacific Masters swimmers. Andrew McPherson and Laureen Welting were recipients of the Laura Val Swimmer of the Year awards. In addition the top three swimmers in each age group were recognized as Age Group Swimmers of the Year. They are listed here.

Mike Lynch, 2018 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year

Mike Lynch
Mike Lynch, the long time coach of Peninsula Community Center (PCC) Masters, was awarded the 2018 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award during the Short Course Yards Championships meet in Moraga.  This award recognizes a coach’s ability to inspire swimming skill and ability, build a vigorous and healthy team, and promote the values held dearly by Pacific Masters Swimming and United States Masters Swimming.

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